The Benefits Of Employee Background Screening

February 5, 2016

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December 23, 2015

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The New York City Fair Chance Act Goes Into Effect Today

October 27, 2015

Featured Partner: Background Check Integration With myStaffingPro

September 25, 2015

myStaffingProFYI Screening has developed a network of partners to help us deliver world-class employee background check solutions. Today’s featured partner is myStaffingPro which is an award-winning applicant tracking system (ATS). Our certified integration with myStaffingPro allows myStaffingPro users to perform legally compliant background checks through an easy, seamless system. This integrated solution improves hiring and screening efficiency, eliminates duplicate data entry, minimizes data entry error, and ensures consistency in the hiring and screening process.

Top 10 Benefits of Using myStaffingPro:

  1. Reduce Your Time-to-Fill – Use online hiring and approval processes to post and fill jobs faster than the cumbersome traditional way. Some of our clients boast that they have reduced their time-to-fill by 40% with myStaffingPro applicant-tracking system.
  2. Concentrate on Qualified Applicants -Rule out unqualified applicants and develop an applicant pool with myStaffingPro’s prescreening tools. The configurable online application process allows to you to screen applicants based on minimum qualifications that you set, as well as rank them based on preferred competencies.
  3. Treat Applicants Like Customers – Keep applicants engaged and informed with continual email communication and 24/7 access to check the status of their applications online. With myStaffingPro, you can provide a positive experience to all applicants throughout the hiring process.
  4. Expand Your Recruiting Reach – Infuse your career search screen with the latest technology to increase your applicant reach. myStaffingPro Elevate includes social-media tools, Web 2.0 functionality, search-engine optimization, LinkedIn and Facebook integrations, as well as free job-board posting.
  5. Provide 360° Accessibility – Provide anywhere, anytime accessibility through our versatile interfaces. Users can view a snapshot of data from smart phones, or log into the software-as-a-service (SaaS) interface to view applicant and requisition data. Hiring managers can execute approvals from smart phones, and applicants can apply via a computer, smart phone, tablet, or telephone.
  6. Streamline Approvals – Simplify the requisition-approval and candidate-feedback processes with an automated workflow that sends response requests and reminders. An automated feedback process reduces lagtime and improves response rate.
  7. Go Green – With myStaffingPro, remove the paperwork from your hiring process by accepting applications and viewing data online. The online application process eliminates the administrative costs associated with printing, storing, and processing applications and forms.
  8. Uphold an Applicant Workflow – Create an applicant workflow that tracks every phase of the hiring process. The applicant workflow provides a clear picture of the progression through the hiring process and provides automatic email notification capabilities.
  9. Gain Built-In Accountability – Know who, what, where, when, why, and how for every step of your hiring process. The system-generated notes track every action taken on every requisition and applicant file.
  10. Benefit from Thorough Analytics – Analyze your recruiting-source effectiveness and process bottlenecks with myStaffingPro’s robust reporting capabilities.

About myStaffingPro

myStaffingPro, a full-featured SaaS applicant tracking system, provides HR professionals with the tools they need to recruit, qualify, and track applicants, to help hire the best employees. myStaffingPro delivers the hiring process for more than 1,000 companies and has processed more than 20 million applications. To learn more about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, visit or follow @mystaffingpro.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Background Checks

September 3, 2015

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