5 Smart Hiring Tips To Implement Today

August 1, 2008

Each year, employers are exposed to an increasing number of employee-related problems. Sometimes, this means theft in the workplace as office supplies begin to disappear. Other times, inappropriate behavior in the office can lead to litigation or costly settlement. Many of these headaches can be prevented by using smart hiring techniques. In today’s post, I’ll give you 5 quick hiring tips that you can use to avoid potential hazards.

#1 – Take Your Time

Even if you’re desperate to fill a position, take your time to find the right employee. While hiring someone quickly can fulfill the need for an employee, it can also open the door to problems if precautions aren’t taken.

#2 – Understand The Job Requirements

Try to have a firm grasp of the experience a candidate needs to fulfill a job. Often, this can effectively weed out a significant number of applicants.

#3 – Look For Successes

This will likely come out during a phone or in-person interview. Beyond a candidate’s experience, try to identify successes the applicant has had in similar fields. Of course, you should validate the information provided.

#4 – See Past The Charm

Most people gravitate toward those who are like themselves. This tendency is usually unintentional. As a recruiter or hiring manager, avoid bringing a job candidate onboard simply because that person has a similar personality to your own.

#5 – Use An Employee Screening Service

Once you’ve reduced your list of potential employees to a few strong candidates, you should conduct an exhaustive background check on them. While it is possible to do this yourself, you should consider having an experienced employee screening business handle this for you.

Successfully Hiring Employees

Hiring people for your company is a difficult job. It requires diligence, understanding and the ability to dig a little deeper than would otherwise be intuitive. By using the 5 smart hiring tips above, you can help ensure that the employees you hire become valuable assets for your business.

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Top 4 Things You Need To Know About Employee Screening

July 17, 2008

It’s boggling to think about, but many employers still fail to conduct adequate employee screening. Sometimes, it’s the cost. Other times, it’s the perceived inconvenience. But, screening your employees before you hire them is critical. Here are the top 4 things you need to realize about employee screening…

#1 – It Protects Your Staff

Screening your employees is an integral piece to weeding out potential hires who might cause violence in your workplace. By weeding them out, you help ensure the safety of your staff.

#2 – Felonies Are The Tip Of The Iceberg

While there are some job candidates who have been convicted of a felony, there are many more who have been convicted of a misdemeanor. That includes physical assaults, inappropriate sexual behavior and even weapons charges. Plus, keep in mind that felonies are often pled down to misdemeanors.

#3 – Enormous Long-Term Savings

The cost of doing a background check on a job applicant is often less than what you’ll pay that applicant for their first day working. But, if that new employee turns out to be a problem, it can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars.

#4 – Ongoing Screening Is Important

A lot of employers conduct an initial background check before hiring a person. But, they never follow-up with subsequent checks. Periodic background checks on your current staff can help your company manage the ongoing risk of a potential problem erupting.

Screening your employees involves much more than simply calling their references and past employers. Your human resources personnel should have a screening process in place to conduct background checks on both prospective hires and your current staff. The cost of neglecting to do so can be massive.