HR Tech Integrations That Make Life Easier

October 14, 2016

FYI Screening has teamed up with leading HR tech companies to deliver seamless, integrated, FCRA compliant background check solutions that will make your life easier.

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These integrations create a more streamlined hiring process for recruiters and hiring managers, allowing them to make smart hiring decisions faster, while saving time and money and improving the candidate experience.

We have pre-integrated and custom integration solutions with the following companies:

HealthcareSource Position Manager
IBM Kenexa BrassRing
Infor Talent Science
Symphony Talent



Five Big HR Tech Trends That Will Help Your Company

October 14, 2016

FYI Screening Announces Integration with myStaffingPro

January 9, 2012


We are pleased to announce our new certified integration with myStaffingPro. This integration allows myStaffingPro users to perform legally compliant background checks through an easy, seamless system.

This integrated solution will improve hiring and screening efficiency, eliminate duplicate data entry, minimize data entry error, and ensure consistency in the hiring and screening process.

About myStaffingPro

myStaffingPro, a full-featured SaaS applicant tracking system, provides HR professionals with the tools they need to recruit, qualify, track, and hire the best applicants.  The scalable myStaffingPro system can be configured to any hiring process or budget.

myStaffingPro currently delivers the hiring process for more than 500 companies and has processed more than 20 million applications.  To learn more about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, visit or follow @mystaffingpro.

Great, New HR Technology for Background Screening – Simplifies HR Management

June 26, 2009


Take Control With Convenient Account Management Options Built Into Your Screening Software

Go beyond ordering and reports – simplify HR management and tap into powerful tools.

Our client module gives you access to features that streamline the whole screening experience.

  • Modify email and fax information, notification preferences and company information in real time
  • Sign up for regular screening statistics emails, giving a comprehensive summary of screening information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • View past invoices online and download useful documents such as release forms from your own secure site
  • Administrative users can add, remove and manage other users online
  • Permissions management allows you to limit specific user access as needed

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Cool, New HR Technology for Background Screening – Easy Applicant Management

June 26, 2009


Applicant Management Has Never Been This Easy Or Intuitive

Find and manage applicants and reports with ease

Our leading-edge technology features an advanced interface and powerful yet intuitive management tools.

  • System tracks applicants in progress, completed applicants, those with missing information and those with hits or discrepancies
  • Quickly search for individual applicants by name; system auto-matches first and last names and presents them for quick selection
  • Advanced search – find applicants by SSN, DOB, searches ordered, date of order and more
  • Icons quickly identify applicants with unread searches and status updates, those that need additional information and applicants with discrepancies
  • Applicants and status updates are auto-marked as read – no need for an inbox or manual completion
  • Easy-to-read report details allow you to quickly find detailed information, notes, documents and full reports

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The Hottest, Newest HR Technology for Background Screening – A Revolutionary Ordering Process

June 25, 2009


Ordering background screens is faster and more powerful than ever – for new and seasoned users alike.

Simplicity meets flexibility in a revolutionary ordering process.

We put convenience and ease into the ordering process with innovative web technology.

  • Order a complete background check on one page, with simple controls to add, remove and edit search details, all on the same page.
  • Intuitive workflow makes ordering easy
  • Choose from convenient pre-built packages or save your own search groups for easy re-ordering
  • Dynamically add and remove searches throughout the entire ordering process
  • Strong data validation helps ensure accuracy
  • System tracks your search price in real time as you add and change search requests
  • Upload release forms and other documents at order time to greatly speed up processing
  • Order additional searches for an applicant at any time after the fact

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