Top 10 Employee Background Screening Posts For 2011

December 27, 2011 · Print This Article


The use of credit and criminal history records in employment screening were the most widely-read posts from our blog in 2011. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed of the latest trends, best practices and legal compliance issues for employee background screening in 2012.

Our most widely-read posts of the year:

  1. Lying On Your Resume Is Not Good For Your Career
  2. How To Use Credit Reports For Employment Background Checks
  3. Is It Legal For An Employer To Charge A Potential Employee For A Background Check?
  4. Six Myths About Using Credit Reports For Employment Screening
  5. 3 Myths About Employing People With Criminal Histories
  6. People With Criminal Records “Need Not Apply”
  7. EEOC Examines Arrest and Conviction Records as a Hiring Barrier
  8. Do You Do Social Media Background Checks?
  9. How To Check Your Own Employment Eligibility In The United States
  10. The Importance of Quality Background Checks – What’s Hot in Background Screening News

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